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The First Motorsport Concept Boutique in the World

Grand Prix Store also known as GP Store represents an exclusive concept.

In a sleek and modern boutique we sell all the top motorsport brands; collections are available to their fans in a true racing and stylish environment.

Our shops are the hip environment that racing and petrol heads enthusiast deserved, taking them to experience shopping in a new stylish and sportive ambient.

The GP Store mission is to satisfy our customers through the most powerful asset we can offer: Passion. 

This is the aim that pushes us do get better day after day. Our company doesn’t walk on the traditional path, in fact we just develop and grow thanks to our network and word of mouth. We want to grow thanks to our skills and excellent relationship with our clients rather than advertising artificial messages. 

After all we said, let’s go to some important facts: clothing and accessories have always been our bread and butter  but now we are working on a brand new concept. 

We decided to double up and GP Store’s passion will merge with caffeine boost to create a new motorsport coffee shop. 

So, from now on, you will be able to choose between two different formats with one aim in common: 



GP Store offers a unique opportunity for franchisees to truly make a difference in the retail world, offering an easy exciting business that can make you become your own boss in an young and cozy environment.

Our Franchising parameters are:

Low Investment - Our Capex is centered on a tested system that allows you to invest much less than other franchises still owning a top design store. This translates in a much faster break-even timeframe.

Small Spaces - Ideal GP Store locations will be  90/180 mq.

Design - Every shop has a unique slick design, being a one-off project truly executed of our research merged with your expectations.  

Easy Management - Most stores can be run with 2 / 3 employees.  

Simple Formula - Our aim is streamlined and easy for anyone willing to make it hassle free. We deliver a turn-key solution to deliver Your Store rapidly, allowing you to become productive in the shortest term  

If you are interested in getting more information, fill out our contact form and our franchise sales director will contact you within a few days.



This is a big deal to me. I’m one of those people (are you also?) who feels safer when I’m driving than when I’m a passenger. Especially in business.

Your job is the place and the activity where, most likely you will spend a big part of your day / life. 

Taking your own decision and working for yourself instead of doing things for others is the satisfaction feeling, the adrenaline flowing every person should try in life. 

If to all the above you add a motorsport cool environment, a low initial hurdle and earning you the way to success, well , you know where to knock. 


Our actual core locations are in those areas where real estate investments still offer a reasonable value for money. 

For this reason we decided to concentrate our action in UAE / GCC Area and Latin America where we have a big big number of fans supporting our efforts every day.

This said, we are keen to evaluate new regions and proposals, considering that our aim is to develop in the U.S.A. soon.

Some of the Brands We Sell

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